Abstract Submission Instructions:

Before clicking on "Submit My Abstract", here is what you can expect:

At the Abstract Submission site, when you click on Start Abstract Submission at the bottom left, this leads to the page
Step 1: Select Meeting
Our meeting is the very first on the page; select it.
At the bottom, for a plain text abstract, select "LaTeX Format", and then click on Proceed. This leads to the page
Step 2: Author Information
Fill this out, leaving Member ID blank if appropriate, and then click on Proceed. This leads to
Step 3: Abstract Information
Fill this out (use Special Instructions as appropriate; APS Student Award abstracts should say Undergraduate Competition or Graduate Competition), and then click on Preview. This leads to
Step 4: Preview - Abstract Submission
If it is OK, then click on Submit; otherwise go back a page and fix things up.

For talk by researcher or student not competing for the presentation award
I am aware that I must register separately.
Submit My Abstract

For talk by student for the undergraduate/graduate presentation award
I am aware that I must register separately and that when I submit my abstract:

I must

  1. be the Presenter
  2. be alert at "Step 3: Abstract Information" of the American Physical Society Abstract Submission Site, to which I will be directed after I press "Submit My Abstract" below. At Step 3 I will read the instructions in red, telling me to use the Special Instructions box of the abstract submission form, which is just below the Title box. There in the Special Instructions box I will type in "Undergraduate competition" or "Graduate competition", as appropriate.
  3. register by Oct.5.
See pdf instructions Submit My Abstract